Farmers Almanac Weather Forecast

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Weather Forecasting with Farmer’s Almanac

The Farmer’s Almanac began in 1818 and has been a mainstay in long term weather forecasting for 2 centuries now. Some scoff at their forecasting accuracy, but FA quotes 85% accuracy. They also state that they’ve been into weather forecasting a lot longer than the national weather service.

Each year the Farmers Almanac releases forecasts including  16 months of weather predictions broken into 7 zones for the continental US. They offer seasonal weather maps for the winter and summer ahead.

Farmers Almanac Winter Forecast

They believe it’s going to be an up and down, volatile kind of winter with lots of snow and ice (bad driving conditions) so checking the weather radar and local forecasts will be important this year for commuters and travelers.

By checking the winter forecasts from many of the meteorologists, you’ll have a better idea of when it’s safe to travel and whether you should even attempt to travel long distance in winter by car. This year, in the south and west, it looks like a favorable period.

For those in the North, prairies, midwest, great lakes, and northeast, it could be a snowy year to remember. Those south and east of the Great Lakes might experience more than the usual lake effect snow. It’s a winter season to perhaps slow down and stay safe.

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