Cold Weather Blast Imminent

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The National Weather Service is forecasting a cold snap on Monday that could break a lot of records across Canada and the US.

This late fall is the beginning of what could be  a very cold and snowy winter for many in Canada and the US.

This cold front courtesy of a polar express breeze delivered by the jet stream, will hit the central and eastern US. About 150 records are set to fall with this storm.  Cities hit hardest will be Calgary, Edmonton, Billings, Cheyenne, Rapid City, Denver, Sioux Falls, and Chicago. It could drop 6″ to 1 foot of snow within Montana and the midwest region surrounding it.

…The next surge of arctic air is poised to bring the coldest temperatures so far this season for the north-central U.S. by Sunday… — from the National Weather Service.

Graphic courtesy of Accuweather

These two graphics show how the major storm hits Montana and South Dakota initially and moves southeast.

The report says the front is plunging down through western Canada and will reach the US northern Plains and Upper Midwest Saturday afternoon.  It is a “pronounced cold front” quickly dropping southeastward along and east of the Rockies. It’s origins are in the Arctic Ocean and will bring unusual high air pressure readings near near 1045 mb on the plains.  There will be big temperatures changes (30 to 40 degrees) from Northern Mexico over to the Appalachian mountains in the east.  From British Columbia to Colorado to the great lakes this is a major winter storm.  

Areas southeast of the Great Lakes may see significant snowfall on Monday including Toronto, Detroit, Buffalo, Cleveland and Montreal.

Please do take care if you’re driving anywhere in the central to midwest region. See more of the winter forecast from the Farmers Almanac.

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