2020 Winter Weather Forecast

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Winter Season Weather Outlook 2020

Recent blizzard-like conditions in the Midwest US and Northwestern rocky mountain region might suggest a cold snowy 2020 winter is likely.

Weather.com, Farmer’s Almanac and NOAA have different forecasts for the season ahead.  NOAA suggests a snowy outlook for the northern regions while the south is projected to be warmer, and perhaps drier in the deep south.

Here’s NOAA’s winter weather forecast:

Whichever winter forecast you believe, it looks like a snowy one for areas that actually experience winter.

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Farmer’s Almanac’s winter outlook is that the far western states will enjoy a normal winter. Check here for the fall season weather forecast.

East of the Rockies it’s going to be cold after the New Year. January appears to be the turning point, and the expert meteorologists are leaning toward a long winter pushing well into spring.

It looks like a tough, volatile weather outlook for Chicago, St Louis, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Toronto, Detroit, Philadelphia, Fargo, Denver, Oklahoma City, Cincinnati and other north midwest cities.

It seems global warming is not going to save many of us from the wrath of “old time” winter in 2020.

Winter Outlook from Farmer’s Almanac. Courtesy of Farmers Almanac.

At this point, Accuweather has not published a winter weather forecast. Keep this page bookmarked and we’ll update when they publish their winter predictions.

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