Winter Weather Forecast 2021

2021 Winter Weather Forecast

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Winter Season Weather Outlook 2021

Recent blizzard-like conditions in the Midwest US and Northwestern rocky mountain region might suggest this is going to be a bad January, February and perhaps March.

Yet the west coast and the northeast are starting off with a warm winter. With temperatures not as severe, it looks like many regions will see much more snow than usual. The Eastern US states have already been hit yet this isn’t an unusual occurrence., Farmer’s Almanac and NOAA have different forecasts for the season ahead.  NOAA suggests a snowy outlook for the northern regions while the south is projected to be warmer, and perhaps drier in the deep south.

NOAA’s 2021 winter Weather Forecast

NOAA was non committal about the outlook, with estimates that could range from warmer, cooler or normal. They focus on the effects of Pacific sea temperatures. They now say the El Nina may be fizzling out. They’re calling for more precipitation than usual.

NOAA believes it most likely that warmer-than-normal conditions will extend across the Southern tier of the U.S. from the Southwest, across the Gulf states, into the Southeast. They believe there is a slight chance for warmer temperatures in the southern west coast region, along with the Mid-Atlantic into the Northeast region. Hawaii and western and northern Alaska may see warmer temperatures this winter.

NOAA says the area from southern Alaska into the northern Pacific Northwest down into the Northern Plains have equal chances for below-, near- or above-average temperatures from Dec to Feb 2021.

NOAA’s precipitation forecast is more snow in the north, but a likelihood of a drier winter in the rest of the US.


Whichever winter weather forecast you believe, it looks like a snowy one for areas that will actually experience winter.

Enjoy keeping up on weather forecast for your city and state here on the Weather Forecast Network.  Look forward to the end of the Corona Virus pandemic and a return to your favorite vacation destinations.

It looks like a variable weather outlook for Chicago, St Louis, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Toronto, Detroit, Philadelphia, Fargo, Denver, Oklahoma City, Cincinnati and other north midwest cities.  The forecast for Los Angeles , San Diego and the Bay Area might be nice this winter. You’ll get through the California shutdowns a little easier. Some areas in the west may be in for drought conditions this winter.


Farmer’s Almanac Winter Forecast 2021 Winter Forecast 2021 is predicting a warmer winter season than usual.  They believe the El Nina will persist into the spring.

From a historical perspective, the increasingly strong La Niña event would force an exceedingly warm winter across [the] southern/eastern U.S., especially late winter and early spring, with colder air across western Canada and parts of the northwestern and north-central U.S.,” said Todd Crawford, chief meteorologist at The Weather Company.


At this point, Accuweather has not published a winter weather forecast. Keep this page bookmarked and we’ll update when they publish their winter predictions.

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