14 Day Weather Forecast

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Cold Front Descends on Eastern N America

Snow in May? Yes, the weather experts are forecasting unseasonably cool and snowy wet conditions in the next 2 weeks.

The 14 day weather forecast let you plan a little further beyond the 7 day forecast and then you’re into the summer weather forecast.  There might not be much travel in your summer, but it might be nice later on for backyard barbecues.

The forecasts seem to be direct opposites for east and west this late spring and summer. The west including Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, New Mexico and California are seeing scorching weather lately, while the east is being inundated by a late surge cold, arctic air.

The cold, wet conditions will extend from Virginia through Pennsylvania and Kentucky up to New York and Massachusetts.

Hail Alley: Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Kansas

Sever weather in Tornado Valley is a certainty, but so is hail storms and wind.

The hail storms of recent have been very intense, with softball sized hail creating damage in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. There were reports of softball or grapefruit sized hail. Still that’s small compared to the football sized hail that hit Argentina 2 years ago or the record 4.75″ inch hail that hit Virginia 9 years ago. It’s going to be an active hail season, and this week the Eastern Seaboard might get good dousing of sleet and hail.

Weather Direct gives their 14 day forecast here.


14 Day Forecast for Caliornia, Texas and the rest of the West.


The Tornado watches will be quiet for the next 14 days, but they will return soon enough. 2020 is expected to be an active Tornado season.  And with no El Nino this year, the outlook for hurricanes in the southern coasts is raised. This is already an interesting weather year.


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