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Live Tornado Watch

Last week a number of dangerous Tornados hit the Gulf region killing 6 people. The Tornadic storms passed through Oklahoma, Mississippi, Texas, and Georgia. More Tornado Watch warnings are out.

Tune in here for the latest video and reports on extreme weather happening this summer.  As the weather heats up, the Tornado belt state of Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri will be the focus .


It’s yet another day of wild severe thunderstorms and Tornados in Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. The summer Tornado season forecast for Oklahoma looks scary.  See more on the Oklahoma Tornado forecast.

James the Weatherman has radar maps for the Florida Panhandle region now:


These storms comes only 10 days after last Easter weekends flurry of 105 Tornados in the Mississippi region which killed 33 people.

This new situation isn’t as severe as last weekend’s series of Tornados that hit Texas, Mississippi, South Carolina and Georgia. Learn more about what a Tornado is and the strength to damage they can inflict.

See the summer weather forecast.

Live Storm Forecast from the Weather Channel

Tornado watches were in effect for Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Georgia. Cities in danger: Jackson, Shreveport, Mansfield, Huntsville, Greenville, Columbus, Monroe, Jasper, Winona. Storms were moving northeastward. As you know some areas were hit hard. As the summer season approaches, much of the severe weather events will shift to the north in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and the rest of Tornado Alley.

It might be one of the toughest years ever for Oklahoma, already hit by low oil prices and the Covid 19 shutdown. Emergency shelters will be bursting at the seams. It’s the right time for Oklahoma state government to prepare a difficult situation in May and June.


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Weather Decoded is Live Now. You can ask questions.


Live Video in Madill Oklahoma



Summer Tornado Watches out for Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida. and Alabama. Dangerous weather in the Southeast.  Be ready for next Tuesday and Wednesday too.


105 Tornados Hit the Southeast in Mid April

Last week’s storms in Georgia, Mississippi and South Carolina produced 105 Tornados in Total, resulting in 33 deaths and extensive residential property damage.

See more about the 2020 summer weather forecast and the 2020 Tornado forecast. See the weather radar for your city.

Direct Weather projects heavy extreme weather in the central US where cool dry weather from the North and hot, humid conditions from the Gulf and Southeast region will make it that zone a bad one for Tornadic activity. See the 2020 tornado forecast and learn more about Storm chasers and Tornado prediction.

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