Oklahoma Tornado Forecast

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Oklahoma Tornado Season – Tornado Season 2020

There’s a growing interest in the 2020 Tornado season in Oklahoma. A number of weather patterns are about to converge on the states north of Texas in May. The storm watch warnings in Oklahoma might begin as early as next week.

The potential for big supercells from intense summer daytime heating and very cool weather from the north is high. It will be an active Tornado season for Tornado Alley, but Oklahoma should be one of the most active in the next month.

As Direct Weather demonstrates in the video below, two contrasting weather fronts this summer border the region centered by Oklahoma. Viewers in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond, Lawton and especially Moore should be alerted to this weather outlook. May looks to be the big month for Tornados in Oklahoma.

Tornado Hot Zone (courtesy of NOAA)

Here are the key states sandwiched between hot and cold systems. Not a safe situation in May.

As you can see in the extreme weather forecast live videos, and in the summer weather predictions report, April was a tough month for the deep south. It looks like hail storms, Tornados and intense lightning are in the Tornado alley forecast throughout this summer.

The reason is for the extreme weather alert is to strong cold fronts to the north combined with hot weather from the Gulf. The forecast is for warmer weather than usual, particularly in the southwest. All that heat wrapped around a pocket of cold air in the central plains is a scary thing. Direct Weather is talking about an active 2020 Tornado season.

The hurricane season is forecast to being in June, which adds some spice to the weather mix this year. How will Hurricanes impact the deep summer Tornado season?

Direct Weather Extreme Weather Outlook Summer

Direct Weather explains the situation well covering everything from Tornado hits this season to hail storms coming.

Even if the weather models show arctic air being bottled up for the most part, there will be periods where these fronts will plunge south. If hot weather is left to build in the Texas and Oklahoma region and is pushed up by Gulf weather fronts, it makes sense that Tornados will happen.

The storm chasers will know this and will provide some of the best footage of these massive Tornados when they happen this summer. In the most recent Tornado events in Mississippi and Texas, storm chasers were actually helping residents who lost their homes. In one incident, the Storm Chaser had to help remove the bodies of a family killed. They’re getting more than a good view of these dangerous storms.

The weather forecast for the spring for the US northeast is awful. Cold, rainy for the most part and the transition to warm weather is going to be slow. So, it’s stable, long term systems that should intense severe weather for the full Tornado alley including Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas.



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