Summer Weather Forecast

Summer Weather Forecast 2020

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Summer Season Weather Predictions

Most weather forecasting organizations are predicting a hot summer. There will be much precipitation too which should create a lot of interesting weather events.

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We’ve got reports from the National Weather Service, Farmer’s Almanac, The Weather Channel and Direct Weather, all providing their outlooks via charts and videos. See the report on severe weather in Tornado alley, and learn more about what is a Tornado.

Direct Weather Videos

Direct Weather is forecasting a rather active season for severe weather events in some regions. A combination of cool dry weather to the northern great plains colliding with hot humid weather to the south sets up classic Tornado conditions.

Farmer’s Almanac is forecasting a scorching summer season, which should lend itself to a lot of travel by car in the US and Canada. After a spring of self-isolation, it will be a good camping season for most and perhaps storm watching.

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Farmers Almanac Summer Weather Forecast

Farmers Almanac see it as a hot muggy summer this year, yet they offer a different regional outlook as you can see in the chart below.  The Almanac believes the month of June will set the tone for the season.  They predict above-normal temperatures in the northeast of the United States, the Pacific Northwest, and Alaska.

In most other regions, they believe June temperatures will be cooler than normal including Florida, the Southeast, the Intermountain region, and from Texas and Oklahoma all the way to the California coast. Higher temperatures will begin in May.

The Weather Channel Summer Forecast

The weather Channel predicts a hot summer as outline in this map below. They cite a shift towards La Nina, this winter as the cue for a scorching hot summer.

Video Summer Forecast from the Weather Channel


Does this mean severe weather is in store for us for 2020 as a whole? Will the Tornado season be bad?  How about Tornado alley, is it ripe for vicious storms?  It looks like the West and Northwest and far central plains should have a good summer.  These areas are forecast for dryer, cooler conditions than usual.

It’s the eastern side of the continent that’s in for warmer more humid conditions which favors the development of extreme weather events.

Similarly, NOAA’s weather chart shows heat on the east and south coasts with the cool air in the middle.

Screen capture courtesy of NOAA


2020 Precipitation forecast for US. Courtesy of NOAA.


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