Tornado Chasers | 2020 Tornado Season | Where Will Monster Tornados Hit This Year?

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Storm Chaser Tornado Video

Some of the most dramatic weather news coverage is video provided by storm chasers. A large group of thrillseekers crawl the states within Tornado alley to view the fury and wonder of Tornados.

The Tornado Alley region in the United States from Alabama and Texas to Kansas and Nebraska spawns some of the most dramatic and deadly Tornados on the planet. We wonder what the Tornado forecast is for 2020 and for the Tornado belt.

Prediction of Tornados

When weather fronts appear across Tornado alley, Storm chasers are scanning and analyzing predictive models. Some may even be using AI to predict where supercells are likely to form.  Once the storm front begins forming and moving, it plays out in a more predictable pattern. Storm chasers rush to the best spots for photos and videos.

Forecasting Tornados – With the HRRR Weather Model

How do storm chasers predict Tornados? They might use the HRRR Weather model. See this video for how they model the data.

And these adventure loving videographers risk their lives, and perhaps others lives to allow the rest of us to view the formation and progress of huge Tornados. Not even Tornado weather experts can predict where Tornados will hit. They can sometimes predict cooler weather in these states will result in fewer and less destructive weather events. Yet even in cool summers, Tornados still happen.

Last week, we saw some new menacing sized Tornadoes. This F3 Tornado one below was in Jonesboro, Arkansas. It was part of swath of Tornados that swept across the southern US. Bookmark this page for the latest Tornado events across North America.

ABC News provides their coverage and radar shots of the Jonesboro Tornado outbreak.

This was video of a monster sized tornado in Montana last April, shot by Tom Trott, a Tornado Chaser who has chased severe storms across Oklahoma, Texas , New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and Kansas.



Of course, actual Tornado activity and size/destructive power of Tornados in 2020, can’t be foreseen. Learn more about Tornados and Tornado Alley.

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