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The summer weather forecasts are in from the National Weather Service, Farmers Almanac, Direct Weather, NOAA, and the Weather Channel. All are predicting a hot summer in the west with cooler, wetter conditions in the east with active storms brewing.

Check the latest Tornado watches and current Tornado live stream video and check out the 2020 Hurricane Season Forecast.

It’ll be hot and dry out west and warm and humid in the east. A cooler trend in the north central plains should provide enough cool air to make it an active Tornado season. See the live Tornado coverage page, the Oklahoma Tornado forecast, and view the Summer 2020 weather forecast.

See the 14 day outlook and the 7 day forecast for your city: Dallas, Philadelphia, Boston, Denver, Honolulu, Myrtle Beach, Atlanta, Toronto, Vancouver, San Diego, San Francisco, and more. Bookmark any of the major city pages for weather reports when you need them.

Tornado Season Forecast

Alert: Tornado season has already begun. The devastating F3 and F4 tornadoes near Nashville and in Mississippi and South Carolina forewarned a more active Tornado season ahead. Although the south near the Gulf have seen a lot of Tornadic activity, the rest of Tornado alley should see frequent severe storms in the summer of 2020

The most recent storms in Texas killed 10 people.  The Easter weekend had more than 100 Tornadoes spawned by a massive, high energy weather front. 2 Twin EF4 tornados tore a 60 mile swath through Mississippi.  See the 2020 Tornado Season Forecast now and find out more about Tornado formation. Who are storm chasers, and can anyone predict Tornados?


18 Named Storms This Hurricane Season

The weather services are calling for an active hurricane season with up to 18 named storms and 8 hurricanes. 4 could be major hurricanes and there’s a 69% chance the US will get hit.

Check anytime of day for the 7 day forecast for Los Angeles and the San Diego weather forecast, San Francisco weather forecast, Seattle weather forecast, Boston weather forecast, New York weather forecast, Chicago weather forecast, Dallas weather forecast, Tampa weather forecast, Philadelphia weather forecast, Vancouver weather forecast, Toronto weather forecast, Miami weather outlook, and the outlook for other US Cities.

Weather Forecast Los Angeles


Weather Forecast New York


Miami Weather Forecast



We could have a more active Tornado season this year. Screenshot courtesy of noaa.


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